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VICTOR DECAFFEINATED is a blend of Arabica and Robusta with a very small coffeine percentage and it is available in whole beans and in useful single bags. 

It's a useful, pre-dosed grounded coffee pressed between 2 filter papers. It's easy to use when you want to taste a good espresso and you are far from a bar. You can find it in the blends 100% ARABICA for the finest taste, SILVER if you like a strong coffee or  DECAFFEINATED .



Pods and Capsule

The most prestigious arabica qualities, a well balanced blend and a strong roasting give to Victor Moka Gold an intense coffee taste and an exclusive aroma.

A careful Arabica selection make of Victor Moka Silver, an harmonic coffee, refined and full of taste.

Victor Moka Coprum is the ideal blend made by the Coffee Factory for the distributors, to offer the best coffee pleasure even far from the bar.



Moka GOLD blend 1000 gr.

Moka SILVER blend 1000 gr.

 Moka COPRUM  blend 1000 gr.

A careful selection to taste a pleasant coffee with your family as in your bar. 

Our classical plastic capsules can be used with NESPRESSO and LAVAZZA A MODO MIO and they are all made with our 3 blends of 100% arabica , silver and decaffeinated. 

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