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About Us

In 1960 a young 20 years old boy decided to change his life following his big passion for the coffee and following his instinct he decided to completely change his job and to build Victor Moka”, a family business which is still nowadays a famous roasting Company. In the 80s, after Carlo's death, his wife Piera and their children Riccardo and Anna entered the factory too: together they are still managing this Company with passion, experience and honesty.


Their common passion for the coffee make them choose the best products offered by nature, wisely selected, roasted and mixed by Riccardo for the increasing market's demands.

Our History

Victor Moka Quality

The accurate selection of raw material, the quality of our products and our customers satisfaction have always been our priority. We buy the best coffee varieties (from Middle and South America and Asian countries) carefully selecting the best production areas and their weather changes. 


We roast them with the "slow" method (the roasting process lasts about 15/20 minutes instead of 3/5 minutes of the industrial system). The timing change up to the origin, in order to exalt the aromatic and organoleptic notes. We leave them staying in the silos and at a low temperature we create with them the final blends, deeply appreciated from our clients for more than half a century. 

Superior quality research, careful selection of the blends, commitment for the best roasting and much more..


Victor Moka is also studying innovative systems for the world of coffee: For example, their pods for espresso machines, have a full body aroma.


Moreover their coffee cups are not made of plastic but of natural fibers..because Victor Moka, thinking about the future of the planet,  is studying biodegradable materials to use. 

Future Emotions


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